Masterclasses 2024

Following the success of the Masterclass Theatre since 2022, there will be a new selection of presentations by exhibitors in 2024. Come to a Masterclass to learn from the experts...

Masterclasses take place in our Masterclass Theatre marquee and each is about 30 minutes long. Below you will find information about the Masterclasses taking place at our 2024 Show.

In 2024, we also have two Special Talks taking place in our Masterclass Theatre.

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The Low Impact Narrowboat

ePropulsionePropulsion - Simon Boyde

The design of your boat hull, propulsion and other systems on board can deeply impact energy consumption on board, both while moored and underway. We can, through better design choices, reduce the impact our boats have on the canals and rivers on which we cruise. This brief talk introduces these ideas and how you can reduce the impact on the environment your next boat will make.

Blacking Boats Single Pack and Two Pack

Kings Lock and HempelSteve Wedgewood of Kings Lock Chandlery

A lively discussion on the correct application of one pack bitumen free (Pro Blacking) that's both resistant to UV & DIESEL and also stays black. We will also cover the correct application for two pack (Hempadur) and aftercare.

The Electric / Diesel Electric Boat Systems

kingslock_vetus360.jpgSteve Wedgewood of Kings Lock Chandlery

A complete insight into the world of electric boating, from the design stage to ownership. Steve's aim is to stimulate the thought process and give real world feedback, based on first hand experiences.

Paint Technology

marineware360.jpgMarineware Ltd – Caitlin Mackay

Paint technology: past, present and the future for inland waterways. Including owner and professional options. 

Internet on Inland Waterways Boats

wifionboard360.jpgWifionboard – David Walker

Being connected onboard is no longer a luxury. With home working, TV streaming or just booking a table it is essential to modern life whether we like it
or not! Being able to get high speeds to access these services is key and sharing marina WiFi just doesn’t give full service Internet all day long.
In this Masterclass we discuss ways to get internet on an inland waterways boat - whether Wifi, Mobile or Starlink. sets first-party and third-party cookies so we can monitor and improve the effectiveness of our website. You can control this using your browser settings.